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At First Steps, we celebrate children of all abilities, and we take pride  in making therapy fun and exciting for your child and your family.

First Steps Pediatric Therapy provides comprehensive pediatric physical, occupational and speech therapy.

At First Steps, we believe in meeting the needs of children exactly where they are. And because of that belief, we offer treatment in the natural environment for therapy: home, daycare and community. A natural environment like the home is the ideal setting for most children under 3 years of age. In the home we can utilize everyday objects that the child is familiar with and that they can continue to use beyond each session. For example, in a home environment, a child can stand and push a laundry basket forward to help gain the strength and balance necessary to begin to walk. 

At First Steps Pediatric Therapy we are also always investigating new and innovative therapy approaches and adding equipment such as the T.A.O.S. tm and the SWASH tm as well. We then do our best to bring them to each and every child who would benefit from these adapted devices.  

We are dedicated to helping each child live life to their fullest, and to helping each family recognize and enhance these abilities. We are driven by the old therapeutic saying "A therapist is only as good as their last treatment”....  And we are committed to ensuring that every treatment session we provide is the best possible.

On behalf of First Steps Pediatric Therapy, we look forward to working with you and growing together!    

Our Mission:
  • To provide the highest quality Pediatric Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy.
  • To honor and enhance the relationships that develop between children, their families, and their therapist.
  • To sponsor and provide continuing educational opportunities to improve the therapeutic care all children receive in the Greater Charlotte area.
  • To be a professional and caring staff, dedicated to every child we treat.

First Steps Pediatric Therapy

7017 Providence Rd S,  Waxhaw, NC 28173
Office 704 256-4281     Cell 704 491-1455     Fax 866-828-2019

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