Speech Language Pathologists

  Ruth Talbot Yablon, MS, CCC-SP

 Ruth has a natural affinity for teaching and working with 
 children and adults and comes from a family of educators. 
She graduated as a Speech Language Pathology major from
 Queens College of the City of New York, and received her
 Master’s degree from Pennsylvania State University.  She
 earned her Certificate of Clinical Competence from the
 American Speech and Hearing Association in 1974.

As a professional, Ruth understands the importance of listening to parent's concerns about their child’s communication needs and skills.  Ruth has served clients ranging in age from infants to senior citizens.  Her experience includes treating school age students at the New York City Department of Education and later in the North Carolina Union County Public Schools system.  She has also served in home care (Early Intervention) and group home settings.  Well rounded experience includes caring for students with language and developmental delays, auditory processing difficulties, feeding disorders and weaknesses of articulation skills, fluency and Asperger’s/autism communication and social delays.

Ruth moved to Waxhaw, N.C. three years ago with her husband and two sons, who attend colleges in North Carolina.  Other family members have also happily relocated to the Charlotte area. Ruth can be contacted at Ruthyablon@firststepspeds.org

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